The IEM students will create a Tomsk Forbes list

The bachelors of the TSU Institute of Economics and Management began work on creating a Forbes list of Tomsk entrepreneurs. The basis for inclusion in it will not be the amount of business, but the originality and success of business ideas. The guys will choose the companies with which they are interested to get acquainted, will visit the enterprises, and conduct interviews with their leaders.

The regional branch of the public organization of entrepreneurs Business Russia will help in the interaction between the business community and students. 

- Tomsk has a lot to be proud of in business. So we have the idea to make such a list and put not money at the forefront, but interesting Tomsk citizens who came up with a large retail network, new technology, production, and so on. Students will be able to learn more about the entrepreneurs of the region, hear some practical advice and information about the principles of their life and work. For our part, we are ready to provide such a connection, - emphasized Yegor Belyanko, the author of the idea, managing partner of the law firm "Belyanko & Partners"

He also presented diplomas and specially established prizes to the winners of the regional stage of the Olympiad in the history of Russian entrepreneurship:

5,000 rubles for the first place to Nikolay Latyshev, and 4,000 rubles for the second place for Zakhar Mostipan and the third place for Arthur Aghabekyan. Nikolay will represent Tomsk in Moscow at the final.

The organizers of the Olympiad are the public organization Business Russia, the Russian Historical Society, the Faculty of History of the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov.