Experts spoke about time management, generating ideas, and bank career

- I talked about topics that are useful to everyone - time management, presentation and interview skills, said Anna Sobyanina, senior specialist in the personnel department of PwC Audit JSC (Novosibirsk). - We advise students, as we have experience, and help them feel more confident. Someone has had this confidence for years, while someone is faster because of good preparation, but not everyone understands how to make the presentation well. We are just helping them.

Anna added that PwC would be glad to see TSU students among its staff.

- Now our colleagues are already reading an audit course for undergraduates at the IEM - so the collaboration is expanding and will continue, - she summed up.

Also, Margarita Mirokhina, an expert in the VTB Bank's Siberian Federal District staff recruitment group, spoke at the IEM TSU as part of the student career forum and talked about how to build a career in the bank, where the new employee starts, and what the evaluation criteria are for the interview. Her colleague, Valery Chindin, the managing director for investments of the Tomsk regional operational office of PJSC VTB, devoting a second workshop to trading strategies.

- We wanted to introduce students to the topic of investing and the tools that the bank offers its customers today - they are much broader than just loans and deposits. And say a little about how our employees work in this regard, give some practical advice, - says Valery Chindin, Managing Director of Investments, Tomsk Regional Operational Office, VTB PJSC. - They can be useful both for personal financial management and for advising clients. I myself took up this topic when I was a 4th-year student. I needed money, and I got an interview with an investment company. I started with bills, and in 2002 opened my first brokerage account. My salary, of course, was not high, but for me quality growth was important. I left the company as a chief specialist in brokerage.

- Why are we interested in holding such master classes? Students are primarily our future clients and colleagues. We live in a student city, so it is important for us to work with them, - the expert added.