IEM became the organizer of the All-Russian Entrepreneurship and Management Competition

The All-Russian student competition "Entrepreneurship and Management" took place on the basis of IEM. Previously the competition was conducted in the intramural and regional format. This year on the initiative of the Institute it reached the all-Russian level, participating there are the students from universities in Siberia, the Urals and Central Russia. According to the organizers, the students showed a high level of theoretical training, proposed creative and well-reasoned solutions to a case on developing elements of a business model for responsible production and consumption.

The participants were students of TSU, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk), Ural State University of Economics (Yekaterinburg), and St. Petersburg State University of Economics. The winners received +10 points to their portfolios used for applying for the Master's program at IEM TSU.

Elena Rozhdestvenskaya, associate professor in the Strategic Management and Marketing Department at IEM and chair of the competition, emphasizes that the new experience on a national scale was very constructive.

“Specifically for this competition we developed a logo, that was one of the stages of the event's promotion – a logo contest among students was announced,” says Professor Rozhdestvenskaya. “We've completely built a new format and developed an electronic environment. We had 54 participants from cities like Krasnoyarsk and St. Petersburg, and we are happy with the results. We paid special attention to the work with our partners. The theme of the competition is responsible consumption. That is why we invited representatives of Tomsk companies that pay much attention to the responsible consumption practices – "Derevenskoe Molochko", "Yashkinskie Mel'nitsy ", "SAVA", "Sibirsky Kedr" – to be our experts. The heads of the companies acted as experts and presented the students with wonderful gifts – their products.”

Experts note that the competition is an opportunity to gather talented, active people. That's why the winners of the competition receive +10 points to the portfolio for application to the IEM Master's programs – this is a great opportunity to join the group students who are just as active and gifted.
“After students had defended their projects, the experts were asking them a lot of questions, which shows the interest of different groups to the problems of responsible production.” says Natalya Redchikova, Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Marketing Department at IEM, a member of the competition organizing committee. “The guys amicably but firmly defended the solutions they proposed.”
“Such events are important for the organization of practice-oriented education." says Inna Krakovetskaya, Associate Professor of the Strategic Management and Marketing Department and a member of the competition organizing committee. “For students it is an opportunity to meet future employers and to prove themselves. And for enterprise managers it is an opportunity to get new solutions and fresh ideas from the young target audience.
“Such events are a place of unique concentration of knowledge, intuition, experience, ability and readiness to look into the future, the ability to defend ideas and to show leadership qualities,” Deputy Director for Research of IEM Mikhail Chikov shared his impressions. “All the students have managed to realize themselves in a difficult intellectual competition, and I hope this will allow them to achieve results not only in their current educational and scientific activities, but also to successfully bring forth innovations to their future profession!”

“This is the third year that representatives of the Tomsk food industry have been closely following students' entrepreneurial projects and acting as experts at the final part of the Entrepreneurship and Management Competition," says Oksana Tuganova, a competition expert and deputy director of the Tomsk Association of Food Industry. “All the teams worthily presented their projects, made good presentations, and confidently answered the experts' questions. I would be confused if I heard a question from Artem Bagreev, President of Tomsk Association of Food Industry, Director of "Derevenskoe molochko" Ltd. about percentage of conscious consumers. However, the students were able to give the proper answers. I was pleasantly surprised by their knowledge of lean production, design, and statistics. The projects lacked a link to the experience of specific companies, but this is a matter of time.”
Pyotr Slepkov, CEO of KDV Yashkinskaya Melnitsa, stressed that it would be great for the students to develop real business projects along with educational and the competition projects.

“Russia needs to revive, and that means doing real projects." he stressed. “As for the competition, I always enjoy conversing with a young audience, it has a special energy, unusual solutions. I work in the real sector, I am interested in new modern solutions. For business, apart from these competitions, an interesting format is the case championships, when the students are given the task that is completed over quite a long time. I would be happy to take part in such projects.

“We are sinserely pleased with the active participation of Tomsk manufacturing companies in the competition." says Elena Lazareva, Deputy Director of the IEM Center for Entrepreneurship. “This is not the first year we have been supported by the Tomsk Association of Food Industry. The participants of the competition received presents from the Derevenskoye Molochko, KDV Yashkinskaya Melnitsa, Sibirsky Kedr, and SAVA Manufacturing Company. Sharp and topical questions from the jury helped the participants to look at the proposed solutions from the other point of view, and in some cases to defend their own position. Feedback from the experts on itself is of great value!”

The results of the All-Russian Entrepreneurship and Management Student Competition:

First round results. Individual testing

1st place - Yana Kozlova (Krasnoyarsk)
2nd place - Golovchenko Anastasia (Krasnoyarsk), Ivanov Daniil (Tomsk)
3rd place - Victoria Kasatkina (Tomsk)

Round II results. Team classification
1st place – Victoria Kasatkina, Julia Stromskaya, Maria Duinova, Daria Toporova, Elena Brodskaya, Alina Miklyaeva, Julia Karpova, Marina Rybakova.

2nd place was shared by 2 teams.

The first team – Ivanov Daniil, Nagaytseva Alena, Stamkulova Alina, Tokarev Kirill, Goukeyan Karen, Ponomarchuk Elizaveta, Chepchugov Alexander, Protopenko Alina.

The second team – Bannova Anastasia, Gorina Polina, Akopova Yulia, Korobova Alessandra, Manasyan Lusine, Pul Sofia, Butorin Vadim, Rodichev Aleksandr, Zazhitskaya Maria.

3rd place - Kozlova Yana, Viktorova Daria, Zhabinskaya Daria, Rushnichenko Anastasia, Gorbunova Irina, Makarov Ivan, Kamaeva Anastasia, Artemova Daria, Kabanov Roman, Zhuraev Muzaffar Zohid ugli.

Prize-winners in the competition. Individual results:
1st place - Victoria Kasatkina (Tomsk) and Daniel Ivanov (Tomsk)
2nd place - Anastasiya Bannova (Krasnoyarsk) and Alena Nagaitseva (Tomsk)
3rd place - Yana Kozlova (Krasnoyarsk) and Alina Stamkulova (Tomsk)