IEM has a certified forensic expert

Olga Belomytseva, Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Accounting, was certified as a forensic expert in three economic specialties and joined the Chamber of Forensic Experts named after Yu. G. Korukhov (Moscow).

- This year, Olga Belomytseva just started reading the course on Valuation of Securities,- says Dmitry Khloptsov, head of the Department of Valuation and Property Management at the IEM TSU. - The fact that she has passed such a serious certification confirms once again the fact that the staff of the Institute of Economics and Management of TSU is highly professional experts in their scientific areas. Olga Belomytseva is a recognized expert in securities analysis. Now she can also conduct forensic examinations related to the value of securities and their security. For the university, it is valuable because the teacher can teach students specific practical things.


- I’m planning to give opinions on issues whose resolution requires special knowledge in financial markets and that are put before an expert by a court, judge, inquiry body, inquiry officer, investigator or prosecutor in order to establish the circumstances to be proved in a particular case - says Olga Belomytseva. - By joining the Chamber of Forensic Experts, I was pushed by work in the Expert Council of the Bank of Russia on significant market deviations. In this advice, I give conclusions as to whether specific transactions have led to a significant deviation of prices or the volume of trading in securities.