The article of IEM scientists was published in a high-rated international journal on economics for the first time

In November, the European Research Studies Journal (indexed by the Scopus database, included in Q2 in ​​Economics, Econometrics, and Finance) published an article by IEM teachers Svetlana Martynova (head of the Department of State and Municipal Government) and Polina Sazonova (senior teacher at the Department of State and Municipal Government) on the topic of women's entrepreneurship. At the moment, this is the highest-rated article in Economics that that ever has been written by TSU scientists.

How many projects do you need to fail to become a good manager?

Even a successful leader needs to master project management skills. This conclusion was reached by the participants of the seminar Professional Approach to Project Management organized by IEM with Kaizen Consulting. The presenter was Stanislav Younes, business consultant, CEO of the company. He offered to implement the project using a special simulator, and also shared life hacks on effective project management.

Teach me how to study: IEM held a seminar on Skills of Teaching Economic Disciplines

Today it is important not to control and not check the students but to understand how students have mastered economic skills that can support them in the economic process, business relationships, and when working in large companies. And how to teach students economics in an environment where basic information is accessible outside the walls of the university? What is the role of the teacher in this process? This was discussed at the All-Russian seminar Skills of Teaching Economic Disciplines under the 120th anniversary of economic education in Siberia and the Far East.

Coca-Cola is waiting TSU students for practice and internship

On November 13, TSU and Coca-Cola HBC Russia have signed an agreement. TSU is in the TOP-20 priority Russian universities, with which the company establishes collaboration. Under the agreement, it will be organized some events for TSU students that will help to learn more about building a career in an international company. Lectures and seminars from Coca-Cola HBC Russia experts, business cases, job fairs, vocational guidance excursions to production – it is only a part of possible opportunities. The university students will also be among the first to receive information about Coca-Cola HBC Russia positions that have opened for beginners and apply for participation in three months internships and a biennial training program for future managers.

IEM students can get a personal Timur Khismatullin scholarship

The TSU Foundation for the Management of Target Capital with the support of Timur Khismatullin, a graduate of the TSU’s Faculty of Economics, a member of the Board of Directors of the Siberian Agrarian Group continues to accept applications for the personal scholarships. The amount of the scholarship is 20 000 rubles. TSU students of the full-time course of study who have “good” and “excellent” marks for the last session can receive it.

November 14-17, IEM will hold events dedicated to the 120th anniversary of economic education in Siberia

On October 22, 1898, the Faculty of Law of the Tomsk Imperial University has opened the Department of Political Economy and Statistics. 120 years ago it marked the beginning of educational and scientific activities in economic disciplines in the territory from the Urals and to the Far East. From November 14 to November 17, IEM will host anniversary events dedicated to the 120th anniversary of economic education in Siberia and the Far East.

IEM invites students to participate in the GAIDPARK discussion school

For the first time, the GAIDPARK discussion school will be held at TSU. 1-3 November, 100 students of Tomsk universities will gather to gain new experience during the discussion of topical issues of the present, a clash of opinions, and communication with the country's leading experts at the GAIDPARK-Tomsk discussion school 2018. The organizers are the Yegor Gaidar Foundation and Tomsk State University. The topic of the school is Memory and the City.

A popular YouTube blogger from Bali shot a video guide to the IEM and TSU’s campus

Turah Parthayana, a YouTube blogger from Indonesia with 288,000 subscribers and a bachelor’s student of TSU’s Institute of Economics and Management, recently created a video tour of the TSU campus. His guides were students who conducted him to the most interesting places on campus — the University Grove, Botanical Garden, Library, and TSU’s New Building, and told him about them.

TSU has opened the Center for Entrepreneurship

On September 7, the Center for Entrepreneurship was opened at the TSU Institute of Economics and Management, after about two years’ effort by the University: a new structure was created as part of developing the university’s entrepreneurial track. Introducing new educational practices will enable students to gain world-class competencies in business and to defend a startup diploma.

The Institute of Economics and Management joined the EFMD

 Membership in the EFMD is a unique opportunity to become part of the largest network in management development, to establish links between members of the EFMD for the exchange of experience, and to implement joint projects. It gives the right of access to information resources of the world educational organizations in management and business and to EFMD research projects. Membership in the EFMD is also a prerequisite for obtaining professional accreditation for business schools (EQUIS) and their educational programs (EPAS).

Now you can obtain a diploma from the University of London in Tomsk

TSU has opened a new international program for the parallel teaching of the Bachelor's degree program Business and Management of the London School of Economics and Political Science of the University of London. TSU is the only non-capital-city institution that has the status of a registered center for University of London international programs.