1. Management Concept and Management Functions: General Characteristics
  2. The Concept and Principles of Organizational Structuring. The Main Types of Organizational Structure.
  3. Modern Management Concepts and Systems.
  4. Organization as a Socioeconomic System: the Common Characteristic.
  5. Modern Models of Management.
  6. Strategic Management System in the Organization and the Strategic Management Stages.
  7. The SWOT-analysis, Threats & Opportunities Matrix for Environmental Analysis in Strategic Management.
  8. Process, System and Situational Approaches in Management.
  9. Strategy Formulation: Steps and the Choice of strategy.
  10. Power and Influence in the Organization. Leadership in the Organization.
  11. The Profit Generation and Analysis.
  12. Employee Evaluation: Goals, Objectives, Forms and Methods.
  13. Target Markets and Market Segmentation. Market Coverage Strategies.
  14. Marketing Information System. Types of Marketing Research.
  15. Management Effectiveness: Factors, Evaluation, Trends.
  16. Types of business strategies: essence, types, applications
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