Business workshops for Tomsk pupils at IEM

The business workshops for Tomsk pupils were held at IEM withing the framework of All-Russia educational program Start-up School. The program is designated to develop entrepreneurial competence of high school students. The participants create and put into practice projects in one of five fields: education, social work, media, digital environment, innovation and present the results during the workshops.

The first workshop has been attended by 160 participants with 70 projects. After presentations experts from the field of entrepreneurship provided the feedback and suggested directions for further development.

Comments by the participants and tutors:

Cover Crafters Team (Julia Pravosud, Polina Nerozya, Anastasia Suhushina)

The team create protective cases for smartphones with individual design for the marketplace. The target audience of the project is young people. The team liked the workshop very much, they received the quality feedback and ready to improve the project.

From a tutor (Alina Prokudina, Second Year)
Not every team has managed to realize their planes for the first stage but they like what they are doing therefore they are ready to continue the work. My teams chose the ideas thoroughly, two teams out of four arrived with the ready ideas, the other two chose the project which they are truly interested in. The participants were emotionally involved and now are waiting impatiently for the feedback by the experts and their evaluation of the projects.

Karina Druzhbina Team (a second-year student)

I have a good feeling after the workshop because it’s been the first big event that let me to reveal my identity despite quite a strict environment. It has been our first public presentation, of course it was quite stressful, but we feel like we have conquered a small mountain top.

It’s been our first step in project’s implementation- it’s presentation before the experts. It was nice to learn their opinions. The presentation was not too hard so we hope we will be equally successful with the following stages of the project.

The program manager in Tomsk is a fourth year IEM student Sofya Pul.