Client road map and breakthrough business models – lecture by an international expert at the IEM

For a startup, you do not need to have a new idea, a new product, or a new service — you need to have a radically new business model. What does this mean? Hein Roelfsema, director of the Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) and a member of the Board of Trustees of the TSU Institute of Economics and Management, spoke about how to find new clients, create their road map, and solve their problems.

The Netflix company is an incredibly successful project that began as a startup. Following the clients, the project team found that among the fans of television serials and movies there are those who don’t want to go to the expensive premieres in cinemas or pay for quite expensive viewing of the latest episodes and films, but are willing and ready to watch nonpremiere series and movies for a small fee without downloading video. The main idea and the main client were identified. Netflix offered customers streaming video of older movies and TV shows for a small fee. But the idea must certainly use the latest technology to become successful. And Netflix did so. Cinemas and cable networks do not compete with the project, as they are oriented to another segment.

But how to find that client, how to discern this market segment, and perhaps even form it? Hein Roelfsema spoke about this in his lecture that was held in English in a live broadcast from the Netherlands.