Developing international cooperation: meet second audience member from Astana International University

Sukhanov Aleksander Vladimirovich joined the professional development program “Research Methodology in the Fields of Economics and Management” (as an internship) in April.

Aleksander Vladimirovich is a PhD student in the field of industrial economy of the Astana International University. As he mentions:

“I have chosen the Tomsk State University for my academic internship due to its high level of education, strong scientific traditions and promising trends being currently developed by IEM TSU. For example the researches connected with sustainable development of regions are quite interesting”.

The Aleksander Vladimirovich’s education is carried out offline but sometimes online technologies are also used. Currently, the offline part of the program is being executed. The PhD student learns TSU advanced scientific methods and works on the dissertation under the academic advisory by IEM Professor Maria Viktorovna German.

My work as a foreign research advisor with Maria Viktorovna German has helped me to significantly improve my research of Kazakhstan’s participation in the Belt and Road Initiative. The focus of the research has been shifted from the improving of economical effectiveness of participation in the Initiative to economic stability of the involved regions. Therefore, results of the internship have helped to fulfill my academic work. I am impressed with scientific and educational activities of TSU due to the combination of its classic and innovative approaches. I would like to particularly note the systematic and comprehensive work in development of entrepreneurial competencies of the students including those who don’t major in Economics and Management. This experience is very valuable, Aleksander Vladimirovich remarks.

The further education according to the program Aleksander Vladimirovich will continue online We wish him all the success with his dissertation.