Entrepreneurial trainings for students start at IEM

About 100 students have become the participants of the trainings of entrepreneurial competences on the platform of the Institute of Economics and Management of TSU for the first time this year. The trainings were attended not only by IEM students but also by students from the faculties of physics, radio physics, physics and technology and philosophy. In the eight hours they covered a field, which usually takes a startup a whole year.
TSU Entrepreneurship Center for the third year in a row has become the host for the training in the Siberian Federal District within the framework of the Federal Project “University Technological Entrepreneurship Platform”. The center has been established to develop students’ entrepreneurial skills and train professionals in the field of the technological entrepreneurship.
The idea of the training “Start Up Constructor” is to involve the students into the technological entrepreneurship, acquaint with the concept of startups and teach them how to create a business idea for the markets of the National Technological Initiative.
The trainings were carried out by the assistant of the Finance and Audit Department of IEM TSU, an entrepreneur Olga Blagoveschenskaya. There is a course of entrepreneurship within the curriculum of many students, so they have an idea what a startup is, she mentions.
At the beginning of each “Start Up Constructor” training the students were divided into eight teams. Then they were able to change the team or work alone.
For instance a first year Master student of the Faculty of Philosophy Ulyana Maksimova did exactly that. Her business idea for the training was dedicated to economy and recycling at garment manufactures. As a result Ulyana became one of the most active participants of the training.
There are no entrepreneurial programs on our faculty, but I have a personal interest for it. So, I look for different events related to this field in Tomsk to fulfill my potential. I had participated in many such events before, nevertheless I gained very useful experience this time, Ulyana Maksimova shares.
For your reference: Support of youth entrepreneurship and creation of comfortable conditions to launch university technological startups are the key tasks of the Federal Project “University Technological Entrepreneurship Platform”. The appropriate infrastructure is being created in the universities for teaching the students basics of running a business.
The participants of entrepreneurial skills trainings obtain the knowledge of the technological entrepreneurship, role play experience on the matter, have their skills checked and get new opportunities for business projects development. The total amount of the students scheduled for the trainings this year is 11200. 37 universities from the whole Siberia participate in the project.