IEM is creating “lean thinking” in Tomsk companies

The TSU Institute of Economic and Management has started classes in the advanced training program Fundamentals of Lean Production, as part of the national project Labor Productivity and Support for Employment. Twenty employees of JSC Agrarian Group Meat Processing will consider the basics of lean production, and become familiar with the methods and tools of converting an organization to lean production.

The students will master both the theoretical foundations of the operational management of companies and the lean manufacturing system, and apply the knowledge to optimize business processes. They will have the opportunity to solve real problems facing a company through a combination of expert knowledge and their experiences in their educational activities.

- Currently, companies are interested in introducing lean manufacturing and accordingly in training employees in this area. The Lean Manufacturing Fundamentals program was developed as a result of diagnosing the needs of Tomsk companies in order to build professional competencies for students to implement a lean production system and develop lean thinking and understand the processes of building modern lean production, - comments Irada Magaeva, the director of the office programs for managers, MBA IEM TSU. - Teaching is by teachers who have undergone special training on the indicated topics. For example, the program manager, Maria German, had an internship at the Toyota Engineering Center (Tokyo, Nagoya), and training on the topic Production Management at Volkswagen (Russia). Teachers Alexander Shalygin and Yaroslav Lopukhin have extensive experience in advising, developing, and implementing projects for companies.

Earlier, Irada Magaeva noted that today TSU is a place that is interesting to business. The university has the opportunity to attract highly qualified experts, expand its portfolio of programs, and form a pool of trainers at the request of companies.

The result of the training will be the identical understanding of the principles and tools of lean manufacturing among company specialists, the development of skills for using lean manufacturing tools in accordance with the specifics of the company's business processes, lean thinking in relation to resources and operations, understanding of the value of operations (processes) for internal and external customers, and motivation for change.

In October 2019, another 14 employees from JSC Siberian Agrarian Group and JSC Agrarian Group Meat Processing will undergo training in this program.