IEM development prospects discussed by world experts at a meeting of the Board of Trustees

Members of the TSU Institute of Economics and Management Board of Trustees, representing international business schools and companies, gathered at the annual meeting in an online format to discuss the results of the IEM development and outline the main strategic tasks for the future.
Professor Evgenia Nekhoda, Director of the IEM, Doctor of Economics announced the results of the Institute's activities over the past academic year and development plans for the next three years, emphasizing the implementation of the instructions of the Board of Trustees indicated at the last meeting.
Thus, in internationalization, a pool of teachers leading classes in English has been compiled, an International Management master's training program in English and Chinese has been developed, experts from partner universities have been involved to conduct classes, teachers are participating in internships abroad. In terms of the introduction of digital technologies, Evgenia Nekhoda noted the appearance of the professional module Digital Economy in the undergraduate program in economics, the active participation of both teachers and students in events in various areas of digitalization, including training at SAP in Russia and the CIS (an example of successful cooperation with the Board of Trustees - the company is headed by its member Andrei Filatov). Also, she emphasized the emergence of a new bachelor's training program Entrepreneurship and Project Management, which is implemented jointly with the "Captains" Charitable Fund for Supporting Educational Programs.
Among the most important tasks were the further internationalization of activities, the development of staff, the involvement of teachers from leading universities, the development of scientific research under the general scientific topic Well-being and Quality of Life, and active interaction with partners, including in terms of project activities, joint research, and educational programs.
Members of the Board of Trustees noted the successes in the development of the Institute, asked questions, and made constructive proposals.
In particular, Valery Katkalo, the first vice-rector of the Higher School of Economics, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management (Moscow) specified how international accreditation of programs is progressing, and how it is planned to implement very ambitious plans at the invitation of world-class teachers.
Evgenia Nekhoda replied that today there are already two accredited programs - Management in Agribusiness AgriMBA, accreditation under the master's program Finance and Accounting in Organizations is being extended, and the process of preparing for the international accreditation of the EPAS undergraduate program in Management has also begun. Regarding foreign teachers, the speaker said that already now the IEM has advanced to the invitation of 4 people.

"It seems to us that we will be able to get additional resources, including through the export of education - for example, we are now launching joint undergraduate educational programs with three leading universities in Uzbekistan," she said.

TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky supported Evgenia Nekhoda, stressing that TSU is always ready to support flagship projects, which is the Institute of Economics and Management.
Valery Katkalo added that he supports sending talented masters and young teachers from TSU to graduate school. He also invited IEM to take part in the work of the federal educational and methodological association on economics and management, noting that this is a good chance to share its experience and quickly learn about all educational innovations.
Deputy Director of IEM Victoria Makoveeva said that in addition to joint undergraduate programs with Samarkand State University, negotiations are underway on cooperation on the AgriMBA program. Universities of the republic see IEM as a partner in the development of youth entrepreneurship. In cooperation with the Institute, leading business schools of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are also interested, which are ready to develop joint educational programs of magistracy using modern educational technologies.
"SAP and PwC companies have offices in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Therefore, when developing the IEM cooperation with these countries, it is also possible to attract representatives of international companies to develop and implement joint educational programs"? - she said.
Jean-Paul Larson, Professor Emeritus at the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (France), raised the topic of research:

"If you are developing the direction of entrepreneurship, then you also need to develop research work in this area".

Hans Wissema, professor emeritus of entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Technology, Delft (Netherlands), in turn, emphasized that research is 30% of development for the university.
Victoria Makoveeva spoke about current research in entrepreneurship, in which the IEM takes part. The first is "GUESSES," a study of the entrepreneurial spirit of students. This year, as part of the Big University project, TSU, TPU, and TUSUR were involved in the research. The task next year is to involve all universities in Tomsk in order to analyze how the infrastructure can be changed to increase entrepreneurial activity in the student environment. The second GEM study started last year. It is devoted to the entrepreneurial activity of countries. Expert interviews were conducted by region, in the spring the testing of the methodology for the Tomsk region should be completed.

In conclusion, Eduard Galazhinsky thanked the members of the council:

"Thanks to you, the Institute and TSU demonstrate positive dynamics. We understand that today's situation requires moving even faster, new approaches are needed. We are creating a new LMS - Learning Management System, which is based on the principle of the marketplace. The IEM International Management program began testing on this platform. Our task is to enter the markets of Southeast Asia."

The rector of TSU also added that TSU will participate in the new program of academic leadership until 2030, and the Institute will take a special place in it. The key tasks should be the development of science, attracting personnel, and strengthening cooperation with partners.
The discussion was summarized by Oksana Kozlovskaya, Chairman of the IEM Board of Trustees, Chairman of the Legislative Duma of the Tomsk Region:
"In general, the work of the Institute is given a good assessment. A few significant proposals and recommendations have been made that require further elaboration. We have tremendous prospects and challenges".