IEM invites students to participate in the GAIDPARK discussion school

For the first time, the GAIDPARK discussion school will be held at TSU. 1-3 November, 100 students of Tomsk universities will gather to gain new experience during the discussion of topical issues of the present, a clash of opinions, and communication with the country's leading experts at the GAIDPARK-Tomsk discussion school 2018. The organizers are the Yegor Gaidar Foundation and Tomsk State University. The topic of the school is Memory and the City.

Within the school, lectures, master classes, and meetings with experts will take place. To become a participant, you must prepare an essay on the topic of the event and fill out a questionnaire. Authors of the best 100 papers will receive an invitation to the GAIDPARK-Tomsk discussion school 2018.

The participants will discuss how the country's history is reflected in the space of the city, how to combine the memory of the past and the desire for something new. Every day, the teams under the supervision of the curators will defend their point of view at the debates, the experts will choose the “team of the day”, and according to the results of the school, the winning team will be determined.

- The reasons why the Yegor Gaidar Foundation chose Tomsk for the first regional discussion school GAIDPARK are obvious. Tomsk is the only city in Russia where a research and education complex is a city-forming industry. Every eighth inhabitant of Tomsk is a student. Tomsk universities are in the top 100 universities in the country, and several of them are in prestigious international rankings. Finally, Tomsk is a city in which historical memory is closely related to the development of the city, and this is an ideal place to discuss how to combine the desire to preserve the past with the desire for development, says Natalia Yablonskene, director of educational projects of the Yegor Gaidar Foundation.
GAIDPARK is an all-Russian educational and educational platform for senior students. The project allows them to be involved in the process of active discussion of the economic, historical, and social spheres of the country and to provide access to high-quality expert information.

Applications for the competition are accepted until October 21, 2018, at

The application must contain a questionnaire, consent to the processing of personal data (see attached files), and an essay. The volume of the essay should not exceed 5000 characters with spaces.

Project curator in Tomsk is Irada Magaeva, director of the programs for executives office, MBA at IEM TSU. Tel. 8 (3822) 785-633, 785-644.

GAIDPARK discussion school

• it is an to the lectures of the best scientists and experts fr om different areas of knowledge;

• it is an opportunity for 3 days to plunge into a unique atmosphere, wh ere there is a place for serious disputes and friendly laughter;

• it is a way to stop being afraid of public speaking and become more self-confident;

• it is new intellectual skills and ability to work with a large amount of information;

• it is an opportunity to become a part of a community of bright, intelligent, and active young people who need to understand the world and change it for the better.