IEM Professor delivered lecture course at Sirius University of Science and Technology

IEM Professor Olga Belomytseva gave the lecture course “Financial Risks Management and Financial Market Regulations” at Sirius University.

I gave lectures to the second-year master students of the program “Financial Math and Financial Technologies”, Olga Belomytseva tells. One of the tasks was to give the students practical cases of finance risks management using derivatives. To do that I used cases of high-impact legal arguments connected with stock options, swaps and cases of marketplace trading. We discussed with the students the legal argument between Sberbank and Transneft about the stock options and some other cases. It has been my first experience of working with math students. It is nice that they are interested in the subject and well educated.

Last Year Olga Belomytseva delivered lectures at Baikal School of BRICS (Irkutsk) and Russian State University of Justice (Moscow). In her opinion the academic mobility of professors withing Russia is very important.

Background information:

Sirius is a federal educational area on Black Sea coast of Sochi, where the 2014 Winter Olympics were held. At the premises of Olympic infrastructure, the Educational Center Sirius has been opened for selection and training of talented children in the fields of natural sciences, arts and sports. Here the best pupils from across the country study together with their teachers and tutors.

Such regional educational centers are created as directed by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.