IEM students are to tell about their scientific debate with world-famous finance professor Aswath Damodaran

IEM students will speak at the conference “Trade Education and Appraiser’s Qualification: Modern Standards and Requirements” with the story of their analysis of famous finance and appraisal expert’s Aswat Damodaran calculations and subsequent scientific debate.

Aswat Damodaran is a finance professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University where he teaches corporate finance and valuation. He is the author of several books about valuation, corporate finances and investments. His articles have been published by leading finance magazines. He is also known as the valuation and analysis expert for investments banks on Wall Street.

Five fourth-year bachelor students of IEM having learnt the data of Birkenstock (German shoe-making company) published by Aswat Damodaran wrote the expert with some valid criticism of the calculations.

The students will present the essence of the aforementioned criticism and the structure of their communication with the expert at the plenary meeting of the conference on February 19.

The scientific debate with the expert happened on the initiative of the students when they were doing data analysis of stocks for creation of the portfolio for the academic subject “Portfolio investments” (by IEM Professor Olga Belomytseva).