International Management students develop a new product concept

Students from Ghana, India, Laos, and Russia at the IEM TSU master's program International Management will jointly develop a concept for a new food product for the SAVA company, as part of the course Design Thinking. The results of the work will be evaluated by representatives of the company.

- The approach taught to students in the course is universal and can be applied to products or services in any area, - says Evgenia Kaz, associate professor of the Department of Strategic Management and Marketing. - That is why it is now in demand in different countries. The marketing specialists of SAVA set a practical task for us. Solving it, students will master the art of creating a product prototype and testing it, acquire the skills of interviewing and identifying the target consumer, and finally, offer their solutions for the company.

The SAVA marketers told the students that one of the immediate goals of the company is to bring a new product not only to the Russian market but also to international markets.

- The students’ task is to understand the tastes and preferences of people from different countries concerning beverages containing ingredients that help maintain and improve health and to offer a prototype of a new product for SAVA, - said Yulia Romina, head of SAVA’s marketing department.

Master's students have already begun to conduct in-depth interviews. The result of the work will be the development of prototypes that will be evaluated by experts.