The IEM launches StartUp business course under the international competition “My First Business”

On January 24, the first offline meeting of the participants of the international competition “My First Business” took place. High school students who want to develop their entrepreneurial competencies and implement business projects have held presentations of their teams.
United in eight teams, guys in various formats (pantomime, fairy tale, parody, dance, song, and others), according to the lot, represented their team, its concept, logo, and slogan. The best presentation is determined by the participants themselves.
Teamwork will accompany the teenagers all the way to creating projects as part of the Start Up business course. Students of TSU who have undergone special training act as mentors for future entrepreneurs. Pupils will be able to continue their business education by enrolling in the undergraduate educational program “Entrepreneurship and Project Management” (“CAPTAINS”), which opens at the IEM in 2020.

The first season of the course, entitled “Design Academy Start Up”, was launched at the IEM Entrepreneurship Center in the fall of 2019, and the result was schoolchildren’s projects in a variety of areas - from making clothes to IT solutions. Many of the guys who participated in the Design Academy decided to continue developing their projects and took part in the international competition “My First Business”. Those projects that were selected by the curators of the competition were able to join the participants in the StartUp business course.

- Already in the summer, you can enter the educational program “Entrepreneurship and Project Management”(“ CAPTAINS ”) on the basis of the IEM,” says Alina Gorobets, organizer of the international competition “My First Business” in Tomsk. - Here it will be possible to continue the work already begun on the formation of entrepreneurial competencies. But first, all applicants need to go through a business intensive, the first of which will be held from February 13 to 16. Applicants who have successfully completed business intensive will receive a certificate. It is easier for those who participated in our events to join our university environment in the future. In general, very motivated guys come to us who already have project ideas, have their own views on many things. Often they are not round excellent students, because often the “excellent student syndrome” interferes with the search for non-standard solutions. And we have this: it did not work out - great, let's try something else. And the guys try, generate ideas and eventually bring them to specific projects.