The Institute of Economics and Management has a new director

The TSU Institute of Economics and Management (IEM) is now headed by Professor Evgenia Nekhoda - Doctor of Economics, Head of the Department of Strategic Management and Marketing at the IEM. Since the establishment of the Institute in 2016, it was headed by Victor Dyomin, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

The IEM has united the resources of the Faculty of Economics, the International Faculty of Management, and the Graduate School of Business to train specialists in economics and management according to world standards. The Institute has a supervisory board, which includes leading professors of world-class business schools, business leaders, and government officials. The Institute opened the Center for Entrepreneurship and began entrepreneurship classes for students in noneconomic areas. It also has councils of educational programs, created to synchronize them with the requirements of the market and international trends. One of the landmark events was the adoption of the IEM as a full member of the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development), which means a high appreciation of its potential at the international level.

- This is only part of the transformations that were carried out at the IEM after its creation,- said Victor Dyomin, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at TSU. - The organization of the management of the Institute for educational programs involves sharing responsibility: councils and program managers are responsible for the content, focus, and relevance of educational programs, and the departments are professional communities and responsible for the high qualification level of academic staff, work, seminars, and other areas. There is still a lot of work to do on the development and international accreditation of educational programs and the formation of modern scientific areas. I would like to wish Evgenia Nekhoda to successfully continue the course of transformation of education in economics and management in accordance with modern international trends, and to the whole team and students of the IEM I wish new successes in all activities.

Evgenia Nekhoda graduated from the TSU Faculty of Economics, and she has been working at the University since 1995. She conducts classes with bachelors, undergraduate, and graduate students, and students of the Presidential program of management training. Under her leadership 6 Candidates of Economic Sciences defended. Her research interests are modern problems of labor economics, social policy, and business responsibility. The department’s research projects are actively supported by contracts and grants, and the practice of the unit for the implementation of additional education programs is very successful. Evgenia Nekhoda has extensive experience in practical and consulting activities at Tomsk enterprises. She is the author of more than 100 scientific and educational works. She was awarded the medal For Valiant Labor at Tomsk State University second degree and the medal For Services to TSU.

- The Institute of Economics and Management has consolidated the resources of the leading university departments in training specialists in economic and managerial areas. The difficult period of transformation is behind us and a new stage of development is beginning. For me, this is, above all, a great responsibility both to colleagues and to students, and to the leadership of the university. The Institute will continue the development of educational programs for undergraduate, specialist, graduate, and postgraduate studies. Ambitious goals are in the system of additional education and work with business partners and involvement in the entrepreneurial track of TSU. Perhaps the most difficult task is the development of the scientific direction of the Institute and international collaboration in the educational and scientific areas, - said Evgenia Nekhoda.