The TSU Dissertation Council on Economic Sciences held the second defense of the doctoral dissertation

Vyacheslav Aranzhin, a postgraduate student of  IEM, successfully defended his dissertation for the Candidate of  Economic Sciences degree. The defense took place on March 17 on the basis of the Dissertation Council on Economic Sciences at the National Research Tomsk State University.

The topic of the dissertation is The Influence of Labor Values of  Multigenerational Workers on Employment and the Effective Employment Policy. As noted by the members of the Dissertation Council, the topic is very relevant for today, and there will be good prospects for further research in this direction.

The premises of the research are the rapid changes that are taking place in the world. The growth of digital economy, emergence of companies whose technology is built entirely on digital technologies and digital business models, and change of forms and types of employment. This presents new opportunities for workers and employers, but also raises new questions regarding the organization of work and leads to the growth of informal employment, job automation and release of workers, as well as increased socioeconomic disparity.

Vyacheslav Aranzhin noted that today there are five generations simultaneously present in the labor market, and they all have significant differences in values, including labor values.

The student conducted his own empirical research (both quantitative and qualitative), studied a large number of  literature, including the foreign works, and argues that modern employment policy in most countries, including Russia, does not take into account this differences in values, as well as the emergence of new forms of labor organization. Employment policy is rather rigid, oriented toward the industrial economy and the standardized image of a worker, and it is difficult to adapt to the changes that occur in the labor market. Taking into account the difference in labor values and preferences of different generations of workers regarding forms of employment will have a positive impact not only on employee satisfaction, but also on the efficiency of their work. Moreover, it is not external labor values that matter, but internal ones as well. The author proposes to introduce new principles of employment policy while taking into account generational values and application of new forms of labor organization.
“The younger is the generation, the more appealing are the new forms of employment,” - the student notes. “The generations Y and Z want to work in the new forms of labor management, they feel themselves like at home in the digital environment. Thus, a digitalized labor environment is more appealing for them than for the Baby Boomer generation.”

Vyacheslav stated interesting figures. The automatization process in the near future will encompass more and more occupation types, and the creation of new jobs will lag behind. The projected values show that on the end of 2022, 42% of workers will work remotely. Nowadays, 87% of workers would want to be employed in such a way.

“It is a great honor when a dissertation of our student is defended on a Dissertation Council meeting,”  Evgeniya Nekhoda, supervisor and professor, noted. “Vyacheslav graduated from the TSU Psychology Faculty’s bachelor program, but studied for his master’s degree and on a postgraduate program at the IEM. He is our first graduate that defends his dissertation in a renewed Dissertation Council. To talk with such a student is a pleasure. He reads a lot of scientific literature, uses the achievements of global science, has his own scientific position and rationalizes it. His personal qualities are determination, high performance capability and high self-motivation. I am sure that the work he began will continue in future.”

The Dissertation Council endorsed the dissertation defense of  Vyacheslav Aranzhin and awarded him an academic title of Candidate in Economic Sciences.