TSU and Chinese universities are to create International Management Master Program

Tomsk State University, Nindgde Normal University and College of Foreign Languages of Jilin University (China) have signed a memorandum of cooperation, joint programs and student exchange projects. The universities are planning to implement the student exchange programs in 2024, whereas a joint master program of international management is going to start in 2005 in 1+1 format.

The signing of the memorandums was initiated by the Chinese party. For example, the cooperation with Nindgde was suggested by the university representatives, post-graduates of IEM Uan Quefan и Chang Xiaxia. They successfully graduated in 2023 and want to continue cooperation after their return to China.

In case of the College of Foreign Languages of Jilin University we were offered cooperation by the employee of this university Van Sinhua who successfully passed PhD defense in TSU and keeps close professional and personal connections with colleagues from TSU, IEM Professor, Program Director of “International Management” Master Program, Olga Nedospasova says. The interest for the cooperation from this university is also enhanced by the International Winter School at IEM which has been attracting attention of potential applicants of this Master program from different countries, including China.   

Olga Nedospasova mentions that there is a high demand for joint educational programs among Chinese universities.

We began to discuss the cooperation with two Chinese universities in September of last year and in conclusion signed the memorandum.

TSU and Chinese universities are planning to start cooperation with the student exchange programs, invitation of IEM professors by the partner universities and by starting in 2025/26 academic year the Joint Master Program “International Management” in 1+1 format. The students will study for two semesters at a partner university (either in China or Russia) and will receive two diplomas upon graduation.

The process of starting the joint master program is quite difficult and time-consuming, it requires meeting numerous conditions important for both sides and, of course, complete coordination of the curriculums. Therefore we have decided to start with the student exchange programs required by both parties. Our students will be able to study in China for a semester, when the Chinese students will spend one semester in Siberia, Olga Nedospasova remarks.

Nowadays TSU cooperates with 26 Chinese universities. There are 39 active agreements. The main fields of interaction – development of joint academic and scientific programs, students and professors exchange projects and training of academic teaching staff.