TSU has opened the Center for Entrepreneurship

On September 7, the Center for Entrepreneurship was opened at the TSU Institute of Economics and Management, after about two years’ effort by the University: a new structure was created as part of developing the university’s entrepreneurial track. Introducing new educational practices will enable students to gain world-class competencies in business and to defend a startup diploma.

At the opening ceremony, TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinskiy noted that today, the fact of a new phase in the Industrial Revolution has become obvious. The first meant a massive training of engineers, the second needed scientists. Today we need scientific centers of the new format. Modern, so-called cross-cutting technologies (artificial intelligence, big data, and others) radically change business models and the economic well-being of entire states. The global trend is that universities are becoming centers of entrepreneurship.

Today, during the global transformation of business models and economic technologies, the welfare of the state depends on entrepreneurs who are ready to make innovative and efficient products in large quantities, - said Eduard Galazhinskiy. - This is a new economics of knowledge. Our task is to meet students with such abilities and support those who want to choose this life path.

TSU is trying to develop with this strategy: new thinking, new skills and competencies, and new educational approaches - all of this will be adaptive for different specialties and faculties. Entrepreneurs appear in many different environments, and in current reality, they must think innovatively.

TSU’s Rector also expressed great gratitude to Dr. Hein Roelfsema, Professor at Utrecht University; Director, Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship; Chairman of the Dutch Center for Entrepreneurship; and a member of the IEM Supervisory Board for helping to organize the Center and for familiarizing it with international best practices:

When we analyzed global trends, we realized that a new culture should be installed in a research university and a new type of people should be brought up. Hein Roelfsema helped us a lot in understanding how to do it. I am also grateful to Alexey Repik, Co-Chairman of the business association Business Russia, who advised me: “Teach complex, strong, and independent people.” I realized that earlier I would have been looking for people who are prone to entrepreneurship. And now I realized that entrepreneurship is a difficult choice of strong and responsible people, who are willing to take risks, to build a new life on new technologies, to make mistakes, and to bear responsibility. And we must offer strong people such a choice. I see the task of the Center in this.

Konstantin Belyakov, TSU Vice-Rector for Innovation, supported the Rector’s idea about how important it is to give everyone the opportunity to try on the experience of entrepreneurship:

The basic principles of entrepreneurship need to be given to everyone, - he said. - The entrepreneurs are those who can take responsibility for the team, say “I can and I will do it”, who can talk about their idea in public and formulate it correctly, and who know how to work in a team.

Ivan Kamaev, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, spoke about the practical implementation of the project. According to him, today there are several courses on entrepreneurship, which involve the participation of regional structures and business partners. The programs cover 12 faculties and are adaptable depending on the area of study. At this stage, about 600 students with tutors assigned to them will join the work. The student club of entrepreneurs has also begun activities .

- We collaborate with the entrepreneurship development fund and with the business community. They will also be involved in the defense of student projects and give feedback. We are preparing complex specialists who are not afraid of risks, are forming a new culture and a new way of thinking, - said Ivan Kamaev.