Mikhail Chikov

Candidate of Economic Sciences

In 2004 he graduated with honors from Tomsk State University, Faculty of Economics, specialty - economic theory.
Professional interests: institutionalism, corporate property, and macroeconomics.
  • In the period from March 11, 2005 to March 21, 2005, he took short-term courses of advanced training at the Tomsk State University Institute for Innovation in Education under the Management of Innovative Processes in a Modern University program for a total of 72 hours.
  • From March 20, 2006 to March 23, 2006 he participated in the school-seminar Methodology of Scientific Research: Written and Oral Self-Presentation in the autonomous non-profit organization Educational and Research Center “Con-text”.
  • In the period from March 4, 2005 to March 1, 2007, he completed the additional vocational education program Higher School Teacher at the TSU Faculty of Psychology after which he was awarded the additional qualification Higher School Teacher in addition to the qualification Economist. The regulatory complexity of the educational program was 1,080 hours.
  • In the period from November 5, 2007 to November 9, 2007, under the Innovative Educational Program, he was trained under the advanced training program Training of Managers in Training Work and Managing Electronic Information Resources at Tomsk State University.
Hobbies: books, photography, travel, and others

Information about publications: more than 10